Royal Manor Sphynx


We have a few available babies left.... call/text : 334-892-3718    $350.00 deposit is required to hold a kitten . Please note *deposits are non-refundable.                                                                                           Deposits may be placed through PayPal to :                                                                                    

AVAILABLE..Tiger Tabby Elf Girl (white blaze)  TICA reg.  $1800.00  (Jewel X Finnegan) **Ready To Go Now**


AVAILABLE...Tiger Tabby (no blaze)  Elf Girl  TICA reg   $1800.00   (Jewel X Finnegan) **Ready To Go Now** JD in Al. Blue & White Elf Boy  TICA Reg.  Jewel X Finnegan Litter

SOLD..(Tigger).to Elizabeth in Fl.  Tiger Elf Boy   TICA reg   (Jewel X Finnegan) Amanda in Fl.  Black Elf Male   TICA reg.   ( Jewel X Finnegan) Keonna in Al.  Blue & White Mink Sphynx Boy (straight ears)

SOLD..(King Henry) to Allan in Tx. Black Sphynx Boy (straight ears)  TICA reg.  (Jewel X Finnegan)

SOLD to Devan in Al.  Pink (cream pt.) NS Sphynx Male Kitten...Blue Eyes      Piper X Prince Litter  TICA reg.        

SOLD to Toni  Blue Male NS Sphynx Kitten    Piper X Prince Litter        TICA reg. Jodie in Oklahoma......Silver Tiger (Tabby) Male NS Sphynx Kitten    Piper X Prince  Litter     TICA reg.            Eric in Al. Blue Pt Male NS Sphynx Kitten    Piper X Prince Litter   (Blue Eyes)   TICA  reg.                                          Lauren in Ms.  Black Tortie Elf Girl      Paisley X Finnegan Litter    TICA reg.   

t, Weston...Blue & White Elf Boy   Paisley X Finnegan Litter    TICA reg. Kennedy....Chocolate/White mink Elf Girl   Paisley X Finnegan Litter  TICA reg. Jennifer in Al. Chocolate & White NS Sphynx Girl     Paisley X Finnegan Litter      TICA reg.  

SOLD to Weston in Al. Pink (cream pt.) Elf Girl     TICA reg.    (Blue Eyes)  Pailsey X Finnegan Litter Lori in Al. Chocolate Mink Elf Boy         Paisley X Finnegan Litter       TICA reg.