Royal Manor Sphynx


 WE HAVE NEW KITTENS !     Born 4/11/18

                               (Sphynx and Elfs)  
  Call/Text us at : 334-892-3718 for info on one of these adorable babies.         Please..... "LIKE" and follow us on FaceBook                        



Sphynx : $1500

Elfs :       $1800

AVAILABLE...Precious Little Red Tabby Tiger Bambino Baby Boy  (short legs)    Bunny X Finnegan.   TICA reg.                            $2500.00

AVAILABLE....Gorgeous Dwelf Boy (short legs/curled ears)      TICA reg
$2800.00. Bunny X Finnegan litter

RESERVED.....for Cara in Al. Adorable little Elf girl
TICA reg.

3. Mandy in Ga.  Gorgeous Bambino Baby Boy        Harley Quinn X Finnegan litter

4. Matt and Dave in LA.   Darling Tortie Elf Girl .  Harley Quinn X Finnegan litter

1.  SOLD to Amanda in Al.    Adorable Dwelf baby Girl   

Pic of all the above babies together at 4 days old

SOLD..."Zara" Matt and Dave in La. Gorgeous Silver/Lilac tabby female Elf   ...white blaze on nose...(Jewel X Finnegan)

SOLD...."Elvyra" Julie in Al.Silver Lilac Tabby Elf Girl  TICA reg.   (Jewel X Finnegan) Amanda in Fl.  Black Elf Male   TICA reg.   ( Jewel X Finnegan)  

SOLD..(King Henry) to Allan in Tx. Black Sphynx Boy (straight ears)  TICA reg.  (Jewel X Finnegan) Weston...Blue & White Elf Boy   Paisley X Finnegan Litter    TICA reg.    

SOLD to Weston in Al. Pink (cream pt.) Elf Girl     TICA reg.    (Blue Eyes)  Pailsey X Finnegan Litter Lori in Al. Chocolate Mink Elf Boy         Paisley X Finnegan Litter       TICA reg.  


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