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Call/Text : 334-892-3718 for more info on one of these adorable babies


Send deposit of $400.00 via PayPal to :  [email protected]

(Deposits are Non Refundable if you change your mind, but may be placed on a baby in future litter)

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1.   AVAILABLE.....Gorgeous little Red Tabby Tiger NS SPHYNX Boy
TICA reg.                                        $1600

2.  AVAILABLE.....Darling little Tortie Elf Girl
( curled ears)          $1900     
TICA reg.

3. AVAILABLE.......Precious Tiger Bambino Baby Boy......(short legs)         $2500
TICA reg.

4.  AVAILABLE........Adorable Red Tiger Baby Elf Boy $1800
TICA reg.

5.  RESERVED.....for Merritt.  Stunning little Red Tabby Tiger Dwelf Boy.....(short legs/curled ears)               $2800   
TICA reg.

    AVAILABLE....**Ready To Go Now**
Gorgeous Dwelf Boy (short legs/curled ears)   TICA reg

2.  SOLD to Ashli in LA.   Precious Little Red Tabby Tiger Bambino Baby Boy  (short legs)    Bunny X Finnegan.   TICA reg.                           

3. Cara in Al. Precious Little Elf Girl (Amelia)
TICA reg.   (Bunny X Finnegan)


1. Crystal in Al.   Choc/wh Elf Boy.    
TICA reg.   

2.  SOLD Lauren in MS.  Pink NS Sphynx Boy       
TICA reg. 

3. Haley in Al. Little Cream  NS Sphynx Boy     
TICA reg. 

4. Ashley S. in Al. Darling little NS Sphynx Boy (dark nose)   

5. Floyd in Al. Adorable little NS Choc/wh Sphynx boy. Mandy in Ga.  Gorgeous Bambino Baby Boy Matt and Dave in LA.   Darling Tortie Elf Girl .  

 SOLD to Amanda in Al.    Adorable Dwelf baby Girl   

Pic of all the above babies together at 4 days old

SOLD..."Zara" Matt and Dave in La. Gorgeous Female Elf girl.

SOLD...."Elvyra" Julie in Al. Elf Girl 
TICA reg. Amanda in Fl.  Black Elf Male   TICA reg.    

SOLD..(King Henry) to Allan in Tx. Black Sphynx Boy (straight ears)  TICA reg.  (Jewel X Finnegan) Weston...Blue & White Elf Boy   Paisley X Finnegan Litter    TICA reg.    

SOLD to Weston in Al. Pink (cream pt.) Elf Girl     TICA reg.    (Blue Eyes)  Pailsey X Finnegan Litter Lori in Al. Chocolate Mink Elf Boy         Paisley X Finnegan Litter       TICA reg.  


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