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     Available & Adopted Kittens

      No available kittens at this time..all are Reserved. 

Please note * Our kittens are sold as PETS ONLY...No Breeding Rights *

**DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.  If buyer changes their mind for any reason, the deposit will not be refunded** 

Your deposit will go towards the total purchase price.  The remainder of the fee is to be paid in CASH at the time of pick up. We do not accept checks or credit cards or PayPal at the time of pick up.

Deposits are sent through PayPal to :
Just let us know and we will be glad to send you an invoice for payment.

Your baby will go home with TICA registration papers, proof of Kitten Health Check-Up by our vet, Health Record, blanket , food and toy.  Please check out our website to see what food we feed and what litter your baby is using.

We will try our best to send you updated pics every two ( 2 ) weeks . 

***Kittens that are not picked up by their pick up date will only be held for seven ( 7 ) days.  If kitten is not picked up at that time, it will be placed back up for adoption*** 
      *If you can not pick up your kitten, please make other arrangements to have it picked up for you*


BAMBINOS.................................2500.00 to 3000.00              Short legs/Straight ears

DWELFS......................................2800.00 to 3500.00              Short legs/Curled ears

ELFS............................................1800.00 to 2000.00             Long legs/Curled ears

SPHYNX......................................1600.00 to 1900.00              Long legs/Straight ears

Call/Text : 334-892-3718 for information about our kittens

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RESERVED for Gretchen in Florida. Gorgeous little Blue Pt or Mink Male Elf kitten. Blue or Aqua eyes.
TICA reg. 

RESERVED...for Lisa. Precious Blue & White Mink Sphynx Male kitten. TICA reg.

RESERVED....for Floyd. Darling Torti Elf Female kitten. TICA reg.

RESERVED....for Adam. Adorable Black Torti female Elf kitten. TICA reg.

ADOPTED by Karen & Josh in OK. Amazing little Dwelf Boy. TICA reg.

                      Janet (Kathy) in Al.  Adorable little Dwelf girl   TICA reg

ADOPTED by Ashli in LA "Delilah"  Darling little Torti Dwelf baby Girl.  

ADOPTED by Crystal in Al.  Precious little  Mink Chocolate Elf boy.      

ADOPTED by Julia in Al. Stunning little Tiger Tabby Elf boy.

ADOPTED by Meradith in Al.Precious little Tortie Elf girl (curled ears) TICA  reg.        (Piper X Avatar)    

 ADOPTED by Emma in Al. Cute little Patch Tortie Elf girl. TICA reg.                              (Piper X Avatar)

 ADOPTED by Mary in Al.  Adorable little Cream NS Sphynx baby girl.  TICA reg.    (Piper X Avatar)

 ADOPTED by Crystal in Al. Darling Blue & White NS Sphynx girl. TICA reg.            (Piper X Avatar)

ADOPTED by Trica in Al. Beautiful Blue Pt/Wh  NS Sphynx Boy. TICA reg.          (Piper X Avatar)

 ADOPTED by Robert & Heidi in Al. Handsome little NS Sphynx boy . TICA reg. (Paisley X Finn)

.ADOPTED..."RAMEN" Magen in Al. Adorable little fuzzy peach Bambino Boy  (short legs)   TICA Reg.                                      (Harley X Finn)

 ADOPTED by Nikki & Jason in Al. Precious little Dwelf Boy  (short legs/Elf ears)  TICA Reg. (Harley X Finn)

 ADOPTED ..."Kohai" by J.D. in Al. Darling Bambino baby girl.                          (Harley X Finn)
(short legs)    TICA Reg.

 ADOPTED... "Ethel".. by Michele in Al. Stunning little NS Sphynx boy. TICA Reg.  (Harley X Finn)

 ADOPTED by Jen in Al. Precious NS Sphynx boy

   ADOPPTED by Charlene in MS.. Bambino Boy Kitten    
Ginger and white tabby.

   ADOPTED by Chad in Al.     Elf Boy Kitten (curled ears) 
Red Tabby Tiger.      

    ADOPTED by Mallory.....Gorgeous little Red Tabby Tiger NS SPHYNX Boy
TICA reg.                                       

    ADOPTED by Wendy in Al
Darling little Tortie Elf Girl
( curled ears)           
TICA reg.

     ADOPTED by Merritt.  Stunning little Red Tabby Tiger Dwelf Boy.....(short legs/curled ears)                
TICA reg.

    ADOPTED by Emily in Al.
Gorgeous Dwelf Boy (short legs/curled ears)   TICA reg   

    ADOPTED by Ashli in LA.   Precious Little Red Tabby Tiger Bambino Baby Boy  (short legs)    Bunny X Finnegan.   TICA reg.                           

   ADOPTED by Cara in Al. Precious Little Elf Girl (Amelia)
TICA reg.   (Bunny X Finnegan)

  ADOPTED by Crystal in Al.   Choc/wh Elf Boy.    
TICA reg.   

  ADOPTED by Lauren in MS.  Pink NS Sphynx Boy       
TICA reg. 

   ADOPTED by Haley in Al. Little Cream  NS Sphynx Boy     
TICA reg. 

   ADOPTED by Ashley S. in Al. Darling little NS Sphynx Boy    

  ADOPTED by Floyd in Al. Adorable little NS Choc/wh Sphynx boy. 

 ADOPTED by Mandy in Ga.  Gorgeous Bambino Baby Boy        

ADOPTED by Matt and Dave in LA.   Darling Tortie Elf Girl .  

 ADOPTED by Amanda in Al.   "Willow" Adorable Dwelf baby Girl   

Pic of all the above babies together at 4 days old

ADOPTED ..."Zara" Matt and Dave in La. Gorgeous Female Elf girl.

ADOPTED...."Elvyra" Julie in Al. Elf Girl 
TICA reg.   

 ADOPTED by Amanda in Fl.  Black Elf Male   TICA reg.    

ADOPTED....(King Henry) by Allan in Tx. Black Sphynx Boy (straight ears)  TICA reg.  (Jewel X Finnegan)

ADOPTED by Weston...Blue & White Elf Boy   Paisley X Finnegan Litter    TICA reg.    

ADOPTED by Weston in Al. Pink (cream pt.) Elf Girl     TICA reg.    (Blue Eyes)  Pailsey X Finnegan Litter 

ADOPTED by Weston & Lori in Al. Chocolate Mink Elf Boy         Paisley X Finnegan Litter       TICA reg.  


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