When it comes to entering a new home, the Bambino Cat does not need much time to adjust. It should begin to act normal within a few days after a move, or when you first bring it to your home. New human visitors and friends get the Bambino Cat very excited. It loves to meet new people and treat them like friends. The Bambino Cat breed can be very social, but does not require a lot of interaction. They are a great pet for owners that are looking to spend occasional time with their cats. Bringing the Bambino Cat to a home with children will bring the animal great joy. This cat loves children and their playful actions! Owners should not expect any problem when introducing their Bambino Cat into a living space with dogs. They often look forward to playing with their canine housemates! The Bambino Cat really enjoys snuggling and showing affection. Owners get plenty of love from this cat! The Bambino Cat will often play when its owner initiates playtime with it, but it does not initiate playtime very often. The Bambino Cat has a slightly higher energy level than average. This allows it to be more active throughout the day. Learning routines and some moderate training should be expected for the Bambino Cat because they are smarter than the average cat.


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