We use the Tidy Cat Litter System.


Tidy Cats understands the need for low-maintenance litter box control. So for the past fifty years, they have been committed to combining high quality ingredients to create a great result: a fresh-smelling home.

Say good-bye to other messy litters! Breeze Litter System uses specially-designed, cat-friendly Breeze Litter Pellets that are 99.9% dust free and anti-tracking. Breeze Litter Pellets allow urine to pass through to an odor controlling Breeze Cat Pad in a protective tray. The urine is quickly absorbed leaving solid waste on top for quick, easy removal and a clean cat litter box.

Key Benefits

All-in-one, no-mess litter box system offers everything you need with simple set up instructions. Cats can easily be transitioned.

The innovative system separates urines and solids for outstanding odor control. Pellets allow urine to pass through to the cat pad tray.

Disposable cat pads absorb and control odor. Anti-tracking pellets are 99% dust free and dehydrate solid waste.

Easy to clean and maintain! Scoop the solid waste daily, change the pad weekly, and replace the pellets monthly.

The removable top helps to control stray pellets and keep your floor clean. Bottom tray is also easily removable for cleaning.