**WE REQUIRE LOCAL PICK UP** If you can not pick up the kitten, we have a wonderful pet transporter who will be glad to bring your baby to you.  This is not a free service, charges will apply.  .  ROYALMANOR DOES NOT DELIVER.                 PLEASE CHECK WITH US PRIOR TO PURCHASING A KITTEN

 DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE ...this amount will be applied toward your purchase price. If buyer changes mind on purchase for any reason, No Refund will be given. Your deposit is applied to the purchase price.

**If kitten were to become ill or die, your deposit will be refunded in full**


**FIRST COME FIRST SERVE POLICY ** If you want to send a check, please be advised that kittens are sold on a First Come First Serve Policy. ( We will not hold a kitten on a verbal agreement.)

Kittens are not shown in person until after they have received their 1st set of kitten vaccines at 8 weeks old

Kittens are not released for sale until they are 12 to 16 weeks of age.

Your kitten will have vaccines up to date and be de-wormed  (If being shipped, will have a Certified Alabama State Health Certificate) 


SPHYNX                                                                 2000.00 - 2200.00          Deposit 800.00                     


ELF                                                                          2200.00 - 2500.00          Deposit  800.00



BAMBINO                                                             2500.00 - 3000.00           Deposit 800.00


DWELF                                                                  2800.00 - 3500.00           Deposit 800.00


  *** Please note that all of the above prices will increase if it is later discovered that said kitten has odd eye color.  Breeder may not be able to distinguish  the colors of eyes during the first few weeks after birth. If kitten is found to have odd eyes, the Buyer will be notified and will be given the option to purchase said kitten for a higher amount or decline the purchase. If Buyer chooses not to purchase said kitten, Buyers deposit will be refunded in full.



****IF SENDING PAYMENT THROUGH PAYPAL...PLEASE COPY AND PASTE MY ADDRESS IN THE PAYPAL BAR....that way no mistakes***                diane_carroll@bellsouth.net.

We accept PAYPAL , or BANK CHECKS for DEPOSITS. (NO PERSONAL CHECKS)  PayPal charges 3.5 % so, please add this amount to your deposit .  PayPal payments are to be sent to :diane_carroll@bellsouth.net through Friends and Family only.