We feed our adult cats Royal Canin Sensitive Digestion 

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love your cat with the Royal Canin Sensitive Digestion Dry Cat Food. Designed to meet the nutritional needs of cats with sensitive digestive systems, this diet contains an exclusive combination of nutrients to support digestive health, plus prebiotics for balanced intestinal flora. And by combining only the most digestible proteins with a higher energy density, your cat will require smaller meal sizes, which decreases his digestive workload. Based on 40 years of science and observation, Royal Canin supports the health of your cat by providing him with precise nutrition and a true understanding of his specific needs.

Key Benefits
Promotes optimal digestion for cats with sensitive digestive systems from 1 to 10 years old.
L.I.P. digestive science innovation uses protein selected for its high digestibility.
Contains an exclusive combination of nutrients to support digest health plus probiotics for balanced intestinal flora.
Higher energy density leads to smaller meal sizes and decreases digestive workload in cats with sensitivity.
Three kibble shapes of cross, rectangle and triangle are formulated with aromas and flavors to stimulate picky eaters.

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