Royal Manor Sphynx


Here at Royal Manor Sphynx we feed our kittens Iams dry Kitten Food.                       


Iams Proactive Health Kitten delivers the nutrition kittens need to keep them growing strong, healthy and vibrant. This specially formulated diet builds strong muscles and provides protein-rich nourishment that's easy to digest. Plus, each crunchy kibble scrubs teeth with every bite and reduces the causes of gum disease. With Iams, you know you're getting 100% complete and balanced nutrition that's made just for kittens and pregnant or lactating cats.

Key Benefits

  • Complete and balanced kibble specially formulated with precise nutrition for kittens and pregnant or nursing cats
  • Formulated with added vitamins and minerals and fish oil for brain and vision development
  • Amino acids to boost the immune system and keep your pet healthy
  • Includes taurine to help promote good vision and a healthy heart
  • Ideal for kittens 1 to 12 months and for pregnant or

**NEVER change your kittens diet from what your breeder is feeding. This can cause very serious digestive problems that can last for weeks! Some of the high end foods cannot be tolerated by our sphynx. They are too high in fat and too rich for our hairless kitties. Be very careful making any changes to the diet unless there is an issue**



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